Nueva publicación de Gaëlle Plissart acerca de relictos del arco oceánico neoproterozoico desarrollado al largo del cratón Oeste-Africano (Moroco).

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The Tachakoucht-Iriri-Tourtit arc complex (Moroccan Anti-Atlas): Neoproterozoic records of polyphased subduction-accretion dynamics during the Pan-African orogeny. By Triantafyllou, A., Berger, J., Baele, J.-M., Diot, H., Ennih, N., Plissart, G., Monnier, C., Watlet, A., Bruguier, O., Spagna, P., Vandycke, S.

In Journal of Geodynamics, 2015, available online,

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article gp22-07-15